Suzy loves animals. When her dog, Milo, discovers a baby bunny in the backyard, it’s Suzy to the rescue! But where is the little bunny’s mama?


She is the oldest pet and has welcomed all the other pets into the family.

He can tell when someone is at the front door before the doorbell rings.

She has big beautiful blue eyes. She is also a big scaredy-cat.

She has no teeth! She was a sick little kitten and Suzy took her to the vet to have all her teeth removed. Phoebe felt much better after that.

She is famous for getting accidentally locked in the closet or cabinets. Until Rey comes to her rescue.

She has a special skill. She can open doors all by herself!

Suzana Palej-DeLeon has loved animals since she was a young girl. Her passion to rescue started in the alleyways of NYC. She would bring home stray cats and injured pigeons (to her parents surprise). Her support for defenseless creatures continued into adulthood and now she lives with four cats and two dogs. Suzana hopes she can inspire children to always be kind to animals and to consider rescuing these furry friends.

Animals bring us so much joy. But they need our help. Here’s some places to donate to:
Or help your local animal shelter.

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